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Ros Briagha is a community leader
who ran OakDragon,
an outdoor educational organization that brings people back to Nature. She is a Wiccan teacher and ceremonialist who is also adept at divination.

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Who is Ros Briagha?



Welcome to my web site, where I hope to share with you various tools and methods, which can be used to develop understanding of our place in the Web of Life.

I have worked extensively with these in many ways, as you can see from my CV, both with individuals and in groups, and I have been a self employed Astrologer for nearly 10 years now.

It may be that you are in need of an objective review of your current life situation, in which case a Tarot Reading could be helpful. Reading the cards for 30 years now, I find that they are astonishingly accurate and relevant in revealing what is really going on in our lives.

Another approach can be with Astrology, which shows our basic character and the ongoing shifts and changes that occur, as the planets dance through the heavens. It is a useful tool for understanding how and why we get on with some folk and not others, and how to improve our relationships. The best timing of events and actions can also be planned with Astrology.


I feel that humanity is in the process of evolving a new form of spirituality, based on a more personal experience of Goddess/God/Great Spirit, and this is shown in our need to create new forms of Ceremony. This is a subject that has fascinated me from an early age. My understanding has developed through various stages, to the point where I can help you create the ceremony you need, in order to mark the important times in your life.

An altar-piece, a wand of power, or a talisman that holds and stores energy for us, can be useful to have as a physical focus for a ceremony. I work particularly with the ancient Celtic nature spirits, such as the Green Man, and can supply various Magical Tools made to your personal specification.

Finding the right place to hold a ceremony, build a house, plant a garden or place our bed can be a crucial issue. The practise of Geomancy can help to enhance or purify our homes and gardens, and create sacred space to feed our spirits. My experience comes from both large and small-scale projects, including the creation of new stone circles.

I hope you find this site of interest, and that it gives you the inspiration you need at this time. For further information, each section expands on its topic and explains how to use my site to your advantage.

I am very happy to discuss individual requests and situations, and I am available for talks and workshops, on any of the above subjects. E-mail me:ros@rosbriagha.org

Sacred Space Creation.

There are many different types of sacred space, from vast gothic cathedrals to holy wells, from mosque to pyramid. I feel that though the form may vary, a sacred space fulfils a universal need, to be somewhere where we can connect with the Divine, however we may percieve it. I have been visiting sacred places all over the planet for most of my life, and spent the last 25 years creating my own, both here on my own land, on the land of friends, and temporary ones at summer camps and beaches.

I enjoy working with the materials that I find on site, such as stones, or leaves, or marking shapes in sand, frost and snow. I often work in circles, and labyrinths, ancient symbols that still have the power to fascinate and help us reach altered states of consciousness, leaving behind the mundane world.
If you would like me to create a special place in your garden or home, where you can honour the divine, meditate, or simply relax and appreciate Nature, please contact me to discuss your needs. I will do a site visit, and locate appropriate materials, draw up site plans, and we can then co-create the perfect space for you to enjoy.

Prices will vary according to the nature of the work, how much materials etc cost, and how long it takes to do. A simple labyrinth, marked out in potting compost, and lasting for several days, can cost around £50, while a community stone circle, using local stones, would be around £2,000. Time and travel costs will also influence the final price.

Magical Journeys

I have been fascinated by ancient monuments since I was a child, and this part of Wales where I live has a large number, dating right back to 30,000 years ago, and with a lot of megalithic sites, from 6,000-4,000 years ago. I have been to most of these sites at least once, and visited some of them many times, always finding new insights and information.

My Megalithic journeys are your opportunity to join me on a trip out to some of these sites. I will focus on both the archaeological, physical aspects, and also on the magical, spiritual energies, and how we can tune into these and use them ourselves. Depending on the time of the year, we can create a ceremony together to honour the site and the season, and bring us closer to Nature and our ancestors.

These trips happen at various times, and it is best to contact me for details of when the next one will be taking place. Each trip will take most of the day, starting at 10 am from my house, and including a stop for a pub lunch at one of the friendly local inns, which are often a history lesson in themselves. I am happy to take along up to 4 people, and group bookings are also welcome. The cost will be £25 per person, and this will include maps and info on each location for you to keep. Megalithic Tour Routes.



We live in amazing times where we are able to express our personal spirituality and take command of our lives. This is a time when both as individuals and as a tribe we can unite on common ground - our world is moving too fast for us to waste time.

Oak Dragon
This year Oak Dragon is at the beginning of its second nineteen-year lunar cycle. Oak Dragon represents many things to different people. Community, deep- magic, organic ceremony and the creation of sacred space are all aspects of Oak Dragon’s purpose.

We offer healing, teaching and spiritual development on both personal and collective levels, working with hidden energies that take people on life changing journeys into the cave of their souls. The ever-growing circle of teachers, witches, shamans, astrologers, healers, magical and culturally creative people representing this dragon have come together to facilitate this journey into the once - known and the unknown. Oak Dragon is an inclusive circle, whose elders are respected for their wisdom,
not their age.

We are a university on the green earth whose teachers understand that they can still learn new things from their students; students who will go on to become the next generation of Sundance Teachers.

During the spring and summer months we take our work out to a number of outdoor events, festivals and alternative gatherings where we offer an introduction to some of the areas that we cover.

From Elfane, our home base and woodlands in West-Wales, we take people to a deeper magical level, teaching longer and more intensive weekend workshops This autumn and winter we will be facilitating a Sweat-Lodge every half- moon, weekend shamanic events, magical ceremonies, seasonal celebrations and ongoing classes on hidden knowledge. One to one divination including Tarot Readings, Astrological Charts and Smoke Scrying are available at festivals and from our centre in Wales.

One off and long-term Shamanic Healing sessions can also be arranged as well as personal ceremonies and rites of passage work. Click here to visit the Oak Dragon School website

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What is Geomancy?
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Who is Ros Briagha?

Ros is a member of the
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