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Ros Briagha is a community leader
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an outdoor educational organization that brings people back to Nature. She is a Wiccan teacher and ceremonialist who is also adept at divination.

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October 2017

Samara's stone circle at Llanycefn.

I was asked by my friend Samara to visit her home and have a look at the potential to make a stone circle out of the pieces of white quartz that were being dug up on her land, as a JCB digger was being used to level off the land and make terraces. These are all really big stones, with several being 3 or 4 foot high, and 2 foot thick.

Four of the stones had been put up already, but in quite random places, so my first task was find a good central point on the flat area they surrounded. I could then see that one of these first stones, a lovely tall one, was perfectly placed to indicate the rising of the Moon at the most Northerly point in its 18 year cycle. We agreed that it would be good to make this a Moon circle, especially as it is made out of white quartz, which will glow in the moonlight.

I then went round and marked out a circle, using my central point and the Moon stone to give a diameter measurement. I marked on this circle the rising and setting points of the Sun and Moon, as they move around in the sky, over the course of a year for the Sun, and over the course of 18 years for the Moon. This was quite challenging, as the slope of the ground, down to the East, meant that the points on the eastern side were further apart than the western ones. I adjusted slightly for this, bringing those eastern ones in a bit. I marked all these points with small stones of quartz, and we then lit a fire and enjoyed the ambience of this new, baby circle.

On my next visit, with the JCB present, I started by moving the East stone into its rightful place, then brought up the nice pointy South stone. The West stone was then placed, and finally the North, so the ones that had been in random spots before, were now orientated properly.

I then had to choose more stones out of the big pile of them that had been gathered up just below the circle space. I found as many biggish ones as I could, and then filled in the four empty quarters of the circle with them. Finally, to fill the gap left around the North stone, where there are no Sun or Moon rising or setting points, I used 2 Bluestones, each side of the North stone, just to add in their lovely energy to the white quartz.

The circle looks beautiful now, and once the grass grows again we will have a nice opening ceremony, in the spring, for others to come and see it all.

I am also hoping to come over and teach the local school kids about solar astronomy, showing the way the Sun and Moon move around in the sky.

My friend Samaras' place, with the one white quartz stone she had put up, in a rather random way.

The pile of white quartz that she had excavated on her land, as she creates terraces on a rather sloping field.

The stone circle I made with these stones, and the help of a JCB, shown in the background.

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