Who is Ros Briagha?

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Who is Ros Briagha?


1998-2000 Worked on stone circle creation with Ivan MacBeth at Hascombe near Guilford. Formation of the Megalithic Order of druids (MOD’s) Asked to be Modron.

1998 Attended weeklong gathering of geomancers on lona and Arran, Scotland.

1998 Did a two-week journey exploring megalithic monuments in Carnac, Brittany. Visited site where stone rows had been buried in 1070, and are now being erected, using ancient techniques.

1999 Taught at Oak Dragon eclipse Camp in Cornwall

2000- Found potential stone circle on friends land in the Prescellis and initiated work to erect stones, having found relevant alignments etc.

2000 Did some restoration work on small stone circle in the Black Mountains Wales.

2000 Organised Green Witch Dome and Spirit Zone at the Big Green Gathering

2001 Taught on Mid Atlantic Geomancy course Chalice Well Glastonbury

2002 Completed work on the stone circle at Brithdir Mawr in the Prescellis, which is now used for ceremony and social activities.

2002 Started classes in both Meditation and Magical Development at Elfane in Wales, and in England. Also began to do Tarot readings as a business.

2003 Asked to join the Geomancy Group, which had formed from the class at Chalice Well, Glastonbury.

2000-07 Continued working as part of Sweat Lodge team at Big Green Gathering.

2004 Joined the Wheel of Astrologers, a group of experienced astrologers who work at BGG, Glastonbury festival etc.

2004 Became Secretary to West Wales Dowsers, a local dowsing group.

2005,06, Focalised in the summer at Oak Dragon camps, teaching Astrology, Ceremony, and group process.

2005 Became Chair of the Geomancy Group.

2006 Visited Callanish stone circle twice, in the Outer Hebrides, to experience the Major Moon Standstill as it interacts with the stones and the sacred landscape.

2006 Asked to create a megalithic complex at Temple Druid, in the Prescelli
mountains, west Wales.

2007 Erected a stone circle, three standing stones and a dolmen at Temple

Started the Oak Dragon School of Initiation into the Mystery Traditions at Elfane with Will Berisch-Secretan, who was a co-focaliser at the 2006 Oak Dragon camp.

Life Trends:
• Herbal love, combined with making flower and fruit wines and beers.
• Love of animals, sharing my time with cats, dogs, geese, ducks, goats, chickens and stick insects.
• Mediation work, with individuals and groups.

Shareholder in
• Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
• Dyfed Permaculture Farm Trust
• Big green Gathering
• Welsh Green Gathering

Supporter of
• The Woodland Trust
• Shelter
• Amnesty International
• Oxford Botanical Gardens
• Redwings Horse Sanctuary