Who is Ros Briagha?

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Who is Ros Briagha?


Name: Rosalind Briagha Foskett

E-mail: ros@rosbriagha.org

1963-70 Travelled extensively with Family. USA, Africa, E. Europe.

1970 10 0-levels (GCSE) equivalent, and 3 RSA’s & 1 CSE in Maths.

1972-3 A levels, Pure and applied Maths, English.

1974 Started lifelong study of Astrology and Tarot

1972 Began visiting ancient sacred sites, alone and with friends, for research and for ceremony.

1974 Since this time I have done many hundreds of Tarot readings and many birth charts.

1976 Started classes in Astrology, - taught six groups over this period, each one for about six months, basics of Astrology up to drawing up a chart.

1978 Passed the Faculty of Astrological Studies Certificate exam.

1979 Worked at the Festival of Mind Body Spirit at Olympia with the B.A.P’s
group under Russell Grant

1979-81 Ran the Feltham B.A.P’s group, a monthly talk/discussion group on Occult subjects

1980-85 Spent lots of time at Greenham Common Peace Camps. Initiated and shared ceremonies to free the Earth of nuclear threat.

1981- Moved to Wales, set up an open Pagan Centre, and focused Celebrations and Ceremonies at the 8 festivals, open to all Pagans. Created the Ring with Celtic Tree calendar

1984-85 Two appearances in Television programmes on Witchcraft, (one positive, one negative!).