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Who is Ros Briagha?



Oak Dragon flights - Beltane 2007.

The journey started at Elfane, with Will and I getting ourselves ready to make the first display of our set-up at various events, starting with a meeting in the Forest of Dean, where the planning of the Super Spirit camp would take place. We worked at this camp last year, and wanted to be more of a presence this year.

The meeting took place at the home of Sid and Jules, a beautiful sacred space with gardens that have been sculpted over the years, to enclose a henge, a stone circle and several ther small areas where folk can camp and sit around outside fires. It makes a real difference to hold a meeting in this sort of space, as you can start out with a good atmosphere already established, and in fact we went to the henge circle at the start, and each one of us spoke aloud the sort of energy we want to see at the camp, asking the universe to help make it so.

After looking at last years camp, and getting feedback on it, we went on to a round where each could state what they can offer this year. Will spoke of our vision, and the Oak Dragon space we want to offer, and this was accepted as an interesting new development, which could also be welcome at the Space for You camp, earlier in the season. A pleasant social evening followed, and in the morning we headed on down south, on our way towards catching the ferry to Lundy island, on tuesday morning.

It felt important to build up some more energy, so we stopped at Stanton Drew stone circle, just south of Bristol, and walked around these giant stones for a while, making a nice connection with some visitors from California. Then we went up to the third of the three circles here, a quieter place, where we did a meditation and energy work, psychicly linking in with Glastonbury, Lundy, Stonehenge and Belas Knap, all major power points that seemed to link in with Stanton Drew and us.

and visionary, and the original founder of Oak Dragon. He had already heard of our plans to develop the OD school, and supported us in this, so it was good to see him again, and stay the night in his cosy cottage, before heading off to Ilfracombe, and the ferry.

It was an interesting journey, touring round some beautiful countryside as Will tested his map reading skillls! But we finally arrived, and had a lovely cream tea, and found a suitable camp site to stay at overnight, with a nice pub just down the road. We celebrated Beltane here, with some high spirits, and found ourselves slightly shaky the next morning, as was the weather, with a force 7 gale blowing from the east, a bad direction for Lundy as the port is on the eastern side. However, we all got on the boat, with several others heading for the Leyhunter gig too, and had a pleasant voyage getting better aquainted with Robin Heath and Trish, his partner, and Stuart and Emily Macfarlane, of the Antiquarian Society. The landing was quite tricky and took a hour or two, with great rolling of the boat, but finally we were ashore, and being welcomed by those already present on the island. In a nice bit of synchronicity, a good friend of mines’ son works as the bar manager here, so he gave me her number and we arranged to stay with her when we left Lundy.

This was a strange gathering, with some quite disparate energies at work, a coming together of very different tribes, but we all made an effort to communicate and work together, and it was all most interesting. On the wednesday, some of us went to the centre of the island, the point that Robin Heath and John Michell consider to be the point on the great 5,12,13, triangle between Stonehenge, Lundy and the quarry site in the Presecelli mountains where the bluestones came from that are part of Stonehenge. There is a tump there, and my friend Emmas’ guidance from Spirit was to create a pyramid of light energy here, as part of the new energy system that is presently being created all over Mother Earth. The weahter was amazing, a clear blue sky and a strong east wind, and the land accepted our efforts in a joyous and friendly way. It is possible that once there was a stone circle here, and the next day some of the group came and surveyed the area and stones, to see if this could be so.


That night we went down to the beach and built a fire of the plentiful driftwood, and watched the full moon rise over the sea, a very beautiful evening. But the next day dawned stormy, with funny energies between folk too, so we decided to leave that day and head on down to Cornwall for the Rainbow gathering. I did my talk that afternoon, before the boat left at 4 pm, and enjoyed showing those there the Temple Druid megalithic complex, on big laminated photos I had prepared. I hope to take some of the folk from wales who were there to this site soon, and show them the real thing!

We stayed the night at my friends place in Westward Ho! and then started down to Cornwall. On the way we felt we must stop at Boscastle, where there is a Witchcraft museum with all sorts of interesting stuff in it, incvluding some pieces I had helped make, many years ago, with my then partner and lifelong friend, Bel Bucca.

When we arrived, Will realised that his pentacle ring, that he had had many years, had broken, so we went into the witchy shop, and he found another, and also a fantastic Green Man clay face, that was to become an important part of our sacred space kit. All through this trip it felt as if we were guided to the right places and people that were needing to be connected to us and each other, and we also carried elemental items from place to place too. From Lundy we had brought some drift wood, for Fire, and some of the tiny quartz pebbles that were on the paths there, ground up in the island quarry from the local stone, for Earth. In Glastonbury we went to both of the sacred springs there, the Red and the White, and filled Wills’ water container, for Water, and our final gift as we were about to leave Lundy, was a pair of Merlin wings, still joined by the breast bone, that a woman called Pat had found on the beach there, for Air.


We sped on down to Cornwall, and reached the Rainbow that afternoon, where we set up our Sacred Space for the first time. Although we had only a small part of our kit, when it was all set up it looked good, and was the first sight as folk entered the field. We soon attracted visitors to our fire, and Wills’ fire show became a highlight of each evening, as folk sat round the central fire after the food circle. There were several highlights of this camp, including the Talking Circles that we helped to stay focused, and a trip to Truro Cathedral, where we listened to the choir practise, and saw an amazing painting. This was about 6 ft by 4 ft, and showed Cornwall from above, through psychic vision, with a beam of light coming down on Truro, and also many little points of light that were the myriad of stone crosses that exist down here. It was just like what I see when I lead my meditations on creating light circles to heal the land, and felt like a great blessing, especially seeing it in a christian church, not neccessarily the natural place for a greenwitch to be! It reminded me that All paths lead to the One, and that there are many excellent christian folk around now, including Roger the vicar, who comes along to Super Spirit, and with whom we had a good connection in the Forest of Dean.


As the moon waned the weather turned, and so we decided to head back up country, to Hurstbourne Tarrant, near Andover, where I teach my Meditation class at the house of my good friend Jon. On the firday morning, rested and refreshed, we agreed to visit the Avebury complex, and connect with the energy of this incredible place. First we went to the circle, and walked around, touching the stones, climbing them, and toning into holes, until we got to the beech trees, where we rested for a while. Then we went to the Cove, three large stones that stand together in one part of this giant circle, where we did a meditation like the one at Stanton Drew, linking hands with each other and with Jon and Will touching the stone. This was extremely powerful, and at one point when I opened my eyes I was aware of this fourth huge presence in our circle, the stone itself, looking at me. Once again we linked in with other sites, and in my minds eye I saw a dragon curling and flying along the energy lines that we were building.


Then we went on to West Kennet long barrow, where we did another meditation, and more toning in the wonderful acoustics of the five chambers and passage. On the way here we passed Silbury Mound, where a whole site of portacabins has been set up by archeologists who are working on restoring the mound. It was possible to see a door into the mound as we went past, and next day it was reported in the paper that it was on that same afternoon that this door was opened, for the first time in 40 years, with druids in attendance, one of whom was dressed as Herne the Hunter. It was good to think that we were feeding in our energy while this was happening.

Next day, as part of the preparation for my class on the Green Man, we went for a walk and gathered leaves from a number of local native trees, and used them to build an altar with the Green Man in the center, which felt very powerful. The class really appreciated it and we did a very strong meditation in which we first connected with local trees in England, then spread our focus to trees worldwide, and sent them strength and health, and also tried to send the thought to folk around them that it is best not to cut them down! Once again the Green Man formed a powerful focus for the magic, and seemed to preseve the leaves from wilting too.


Once more we took flight, this time to the ancient seats of learning at Oxford and Cambridge. First we went to a workshop on woodland management at Harcourt Arboretum, part of Oxford Botanic garden, then, after a quick tour of Oxford charity shops, on to Cambridge, where Wills’ brother is at Kings College. It was most interesting to go round these ancient towns, and see how important it is to maintain sacred space in order to create the right atmosphere for learning. Cambridge seemed much smaller and more beautiful than Oxford, where so many crass new buildings spoil the old town.

Then home! A great long journey across England, and into Wales, onwards and upwards, to the mountain fastness of Mynyddcerrig, the Stone Mountain, to rest and dream, and gather strength for the next dragon flight, to Sunrise Festival.

For further information, please contact Ros Briagha ros@rosbriagha.org



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