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Ros Briagha is a community leader
who ran OakDragon,
an outdoor educational organization that brings people back to Nature. She is a Wiccan teacher and ceremonialist who is also adept at divination.

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Who is Ros Briagha?


Stone Circles

The ancient sites of these lands have fascinated me for many years, ever since one wild and magical journey when I was an art student, and went down to Falmouth College with friends. We stopped at both Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor on our trip, and they are what I remember now, extraordinary places full of unknown energy and dreams. Since then I have never stopped going to the ancient sites, drawn to them and nourished by the experience. It is truly astonishing to me to see the variety of different ways in which our ancestors marked the places they felt to be of importance, moving huge lumps of rock, often quite a long way, and leaving us spectacular monuments.

When I moved to Wales, in 1981, my partner and I created a stone and turf circle on our land, which we planted with the Sacred Trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar. This is now a fabulous green and private place, with a central fire pit, and large rocks to mark the four directions, East, South, West and North.

Having made many a temporary Sacred Circle for use in ceremony over the years, I was intrigued when a friend of mine, Ivan Macbeth, said he was involved in making a permanent circle of standing stones, down near Guilford, and that I was welcome to come and join in. This was a project which did not use heavy machinery to move the stones, but instead attempted to recreate the techniques and methods used by our ancestors, i.e. wooden levers and rollers. It was a fascinating and challenging experience, during which I learnt a lot, and was left with the desire to do more!

The opportunity to do so came a year later, after a visit to see the recumbent stone circles of Aberdeenshire, which are very amazing. I went to visit some friends with a farm in Pembrokeshire, at the foot of the Prescelli Mountains, and they asked me to look at a strange ring of stones in one of their fields. The stones were buried, with a few inches of height and about a square foot of stone showing, and I offered to help expose them and create a true circle. The local ancient stone circle, Gors Fawr, has stones of approximately 2-3 tons and I assumed these would be the same. However when we dug down, it became clear that they were much bigger than that, about 6-8 tons each, and our little project suddenly got bigger too!

It took 2 years of work to get them all up, done in weeklong sessions, when we would erect 3 or 4 stones over the course of the week. It was more tricky than the one with Ivan in that we had to dig up the stones as well as move them, but very nice to work with stones who were happy to be coming out of the ground, rather than being blasted out of a quarry. I made ongoing progress reports as each week happened which can be seen on the Geomancy Group web site newsletter.

I am now ready to start a new project of this kind, so if you need a circle on your land, or,{if that sounds too daunting,} a small labyrinth or rock circle, they can be made to your specification and to suit your space. The price will obviously vary depending on all sorts of factors such as location and materials, so get in touch and we can discuss what you need to make your own Sacred Space. Email me at:ros@rosbriagha.org



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